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"I was born in Trieste, but for work reasons my family residence changed many times. During my childhood, I lived in Rome, Stockholm, Skogas, Venice, Milan and in Udine. Actually i am living in San Daniele del Friuli (northeast of Italy). I was lucky to have had a nice and strange family of foolish art&roll  lovers, although their stories were often tragic ... but Music always helped me .... It's my life. 

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"Folk-based fiddle player"
Someone said years ago: 
"Giulio Venier is a folk experimental music lover"

"I like to improvise in life as much as I do in music. I like classical music ( What is classical ? ) ......but sometimes i hate classical and academics musicians ! Perhaps due to educational conflicts, in my life i always played folk music . For millennia musicians performed using only their memory and I love all kinds of music played live without music sheet. I try to play anything if it's fun for me. Difficult things should become easy ( i hope ) if  you put some effort into it. In the last fourty years i have played with a lot of musikanten in a huge variety of situations: folk, rock, acoustic, electric, digital midi, theatres, festivals or pubs, wherever possible, in Europe and sometime out from the old continent.....  And i hope to continue playing with new intresting people.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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