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"I was born in Trieste, but for work reasons my family residence changed many times. During my childhood, I lived in Rome, Stockholm, Skogas, Venice, Milan and in Udine. Actually i am living in San Daniele del Friuli (northeast of Italy). I was lucky to have had a nice and strange family of foolish art&roll  lovers, although their stories were often tragic ... but Music always helped me .... It's my life. 

"Folk 5strings fiddle player"
Someone said years ago about me : 
"He is a folk experimental music lover"

"I like to improvise in life as much as I do in music. I like classical music ( What is classical ? ) ...... but I reject too academicism ! My music is folk-based . For millennia musicians and people performed and lived using only their own memory . I love all kinds of music played live without music sheet. I try to play anything if it's fun for me. Difficoult things should become easy if  you put some effort into it. Learning and ability needs time and practice. In the last years i have played with a lot of people around in a huge variety of situations: folk, rock, acoustic, electric, digital midi, theatres, festivals or pubs, wherever possible, modern and traditional, in Europe and sometime out from the old continent.....  And i hope to continue to find, meet and play with new intresting people.

Reseaech '81

In 1981 I was studying Ethnomusicology in Bologna and looking for traditional music , my father ( Piano D'Arta-Carnia Italy)  said : oh you have a traditional old violin player in the village, he is you're neighbor just next here ..... He was Ferruccio Favotti "Ferro" and he had a traditional folk band in the '20 of the past century.I learned folk & fiddle directly from this man .

Ferrucci Favotti _Ferro_ Trad.player from Carnia Piano D'Arta  .jpeg

La Sedon Salvadie 

'81 my first group

Sedon Salvadie 2005.jpg

Compagnia Strumentale Tre Violini


Tre Violini Compagnia strumentale 1990.jpeg
Arco Alpino Patrick Vaillant project 1999-2001.jpeg

Arco Alpino '98-2001

It was a Patrick Vaillant (France)  idea to put together different traditional fiddle players from the Europa's Alpes . From Dophinee (South France) to Val Resia (North east of Italy) passing through Occitanie (France) the project was around festival and concerts in Europe for 3 years .


Gabriele Ferrero, Giulio Venier, Patrice Gabet , Michel Favre, Patrick Mazellier, Olivier Richaume

Compagnia Strumentale Tre Violini

Giulio Venier     Giuliano Grasso        Bernardo Falconi

Doismiao-Duo Pucci Venier



Doismiao-Duo Pucci Venier


Tradmod folk fiddle Family & music association


Con Caia Grimaz , Furclap quelli veri 


Con Claudia.jpg

Patrizia Bertoncello, Ivano Contardo, Jan Kaberlof, Mary Pizzo, Paris 2008

With my best friend Mary Pizzo (1962-2021)

& Michele Natolino


Giulio Venier Goup 2005.png

With Patrizia Bertoncello 

GV Group 2005-2010

Venier con Bertoncello patrizia 2007.JPG

With Emma Montanari

Paolo Manfrin

Flavio Bortuzzo


Montanari Group

Montanari Grop 2002.JPG

Playing Blues....

Jazz Blues Session with Frank de Franceschi Group 2012.jpeg
San Daniele '82 first Sedon concert.jpeg

Rome '60
Me & my Mother

My son
Riccardo Venier 1983-2005

I WAS ....




My mother played piano. I didn't studyied music when I was young .

I began with guitar only in '72-'73. I took some  classical guitar lessons, but played mostly acoustic folk guitar.

after '81


I fall in love with folk music in'77 and dreamed to play violin but I had the opportunity to have one instrument only in the late '80 so I can say I began playing fiddle in 81 ! And i still play......



I had different periods of musical passions...: Beatles, Classic, Jazz, Folk, so from '77 to 81, I took lessons of Clarinet, Bassoon (Conservatory) Flute. But the folk season was near and I start also to handle some Bombarde( Bretagne) and Bagpipes ....

after '82

The folk Group la Sedon Salvadie from Friuli (north east of Italy was my first band . For Five -Six years it gave me the opportunity to play concerts and keep experience with musical live situations .

And to be a musician .....


No words can explaine what happened to the too short life (22 years) of my son Riccardo born the 13 April of 1983 .

He died the 12 July of  2005  killed by a University (friend) . Nothing will be alright till violence and war will not end in the world.   

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